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Our Services

We provide our services to YOUR company size, medium to large around the globe. We adopt a nature-conscious and mindful systemic consulting approach, integrating outdoor activities and holistic healthcare practices.

No matter what YOUR case is about, there are much more effective and focused environments than a typical meeting room. Incorporating nature helps us connect with YOU and YOUR TEAM on a personal level, strengthen the body and mind and focus on perspectives of interest.

Systemic business consulting
& coaching

We specialize in systemic consulting and coaching, incorporating nature as an essential element. We carefully choose suitable locations near your business site, providing a conducive environment distinct from conventional meeting venues.

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Outdoor Workshops

If you and your team are seeking a profound experience beyond the conventional business setting, we offer a unique outdoor retreat. This immersive experience encompasses activities such as hiking, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, climbing, ice bathing, and specialized outdoor workouts. We recommend a minimum time commitment of 3-4 days to fully immerse in this transformative experience.

outdoor expeditions

For executives, we have developed a distinctive program. Our 4-7 day outdoor expeditions occur in the most remote of locations or the world. We are transported to these secluded areas via helicopter and then navigate our way back to civilization. This experience fosters personal growth by pushing individuals beyond their limits. It promotes a clear mind in extreme situations, and providing an opportunity to intimately connect with the pristine and untamed nature.

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Virtual learning platform

We've enlisted a curated team of experts who are available round the clock to empower your team. Whether you're looking to enhance stress management, prepare for crucial meetings, boost motivation, experience deep relaxation, clear and strengthen your focus, practice yoga and breathing, indulge in bedtime stories, and much more – we offer it all in bite-sized portions designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily work life.


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