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Embark on a 2-day journey of self-discovery! 🌄 Limited spots available for our exclusive weekend adventure

Attention all adventurers, nature lovers, and resilience seekers! This is your chance to dive deep into the wild, push your boundaries, and recharge your spirit. Join us for a transformative experience blending hiking, ice bathing, coaching, and survival skills. Secure your spot now and unlock the power of stepping out of your comfort zone! 💪 #AdventureAwaits #ResilienceJourney

Do things at your own pace. Life's not a race..png

Trekking Expeditions Lappland Spring/Summer 2024

We call it 'Mindful Adventure':
a unique executive outdoor expedition through Sarek National Park, Swedish Lapland. Trek 95km over 9 days, immerse in Sami culture, and rejuvenate in nature. No mobile reception, just pure wilderness and transformative growth. Limited spots for an unparalleled journey.

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